ARIES Consulting was founded by a globally recognised expert in Reproductive Endocrinology, Dr Colin Michael Howles, who has worked for 35 years in the therapeutic field. In 1984, Colin started his career journey in human IVF when he joined the pioneering team of the late Mr Patrick Steptoe and Prof Robert Edwards in the world’s first IVF clinic Bourn Hall, Cambridge, UK.


ARIES Consulting is a customer centric organisation that recognizes the growing need for an individualised solution to the challenges of operating within the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

We are committed to delivering innovation in science in order to bring cutting edge solutions to improve treatment outcomes which will benefit all stakeholders.


ARIES Consulting can provide expertise in 3 core areas:

Business expansion possibilities
Auditing internal clinical and lab processes and introduce
..innovative technologies to improve success rates
Scientific communications

Colin M Howles PhD CBiol MSB FRSM
Founder and Senior Vice President Scientific Affairs.

ARIES Consulting | Chemin du Barbolet 5B, 1213 Onex | Office : +41 22 758 12 19 | Mobile : +41 79 213 95 70 | colin.howles@ariesconsulting.ch